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Skins Season 2 Episode 6 Analysis Essay

OK. Lets all try and take a second to digest the madness that was last night's episode of Skins. To say it was intense is a bit of an understatement if you ask me. I'm going to try and sum it up as best I can, but so much happened that I'm sure I'll miss a few bits. I'm really looking forward to reading your comments on this sixth episode of the season, that's for sure. Let's begin...

So, Tony's still having nightmares about the bus crash and Effy's being a great sister – reading to him and generally being lovely. Tony went out to a club with the gang and could tell something was up with Jal (reminding me of the ramifications from last week's ep). Cassie took Tony aside, and gave him some pills – not content with ruining herself, she wants to bring Tony down even further. The pills kicked in and Tony went, as Peter Andre would say, insania. Oh, but it was nice to see that Anwar's hair is back to normal.

To read more of my thoughts on this episode, just

Tony got super-angry and let out all his frustration about the Sid/Michelle thing, which culminated in him throwing up in one of the loos. Enter mysterious woman. This was the first sign this episode was going to go fairly off-kilter.

The next thing we saw was Tony on a train going to a Uni interview, and speaking to an odd bloke played by Sean Pertwee, with a very scarred face. Perhaps this was something about how Tony doesn't have any obvious physical evidence of his injury?

Once he arrived at the University, Tony got really lost and arrived late for the group interview, which was also headed up by Sean Pertwee – without a scarred face this time... confused much? Mysterious girl (Peter Andre is starting to become a theme in this recap... how odd) from the club toilets was there too, what a coincidence. She was evidently in his imagination. Testing him. Pushing him. Right out of the group interview. Oh dear...

Tony's Uni experience was riddled with bizarreness: He met some oddball students – Polly and Derek – who reminded me of his parents personality-wise (they wanted to keep him safe and pandered to him). Uber-rebellious mysterious girl got a tattoo on her shoulder, in a dorm - think of the hygiene, people!

Anyhow, through all of this Uni exploration, the Tony we all know and love(?!) returned – his sexual problems were solved by mysterious girl (which we were shown pretty explicitly). Now, then came a possible interesting bit – when the mysterious girl said "Don't look back Tony", I noted down that she sounded remarkably like Cassie. And she certainly didn't sound like Cassie at any other point – could this go back to the date they were talking through in the club at the beginning of the episode? I mean, his trip was obviously a different kind of trip – mental rather than physical. And perhaps Cassie slept with him as some kind of deranged revenge on Sid and Michelle? What do you reckon?

Anyway, back in normality-land Tony pulls Sid off Michelle and tells his ex-girlfriend that he loves her. He then tells Sid that he loves him too, and that they're wrong as a couple (Sid and Michelle, not Sid and Tony... that's one coupling they haven't explored just yet.) . He says to put things right, Sid should be back with Cassie and Michelle with Tony. Yes! Exactly!

Right at the end of the episode we saw that Tony has the tattoo the mysterious girl got during his 'trip'. So Mysterious Girl was a way for him to discover the old version of Tony? It was definitely all in his mind.

Anyway, if you need to decipher this episode and don't have it recorded Skins Series 2 boxset is out to buy on May 5th.

So come on, let me know what you thought about this weird and wonderful episode – I need help on this one!

(Images courtesy of Channel 4)

"Tony" is the sixth episode of Series 2 and the 15th episode  overall.

This episode primarily focuses on Tony Stonem trying to go back to his former life before his accident and dealing with his ex Michelle Richardson and best friend Sid Jenkins being in a relationship.


Tony is shown attempting to return to his own lifestyle, which translates into going to clubs and taking drugs. After Cassie gives Tony an ecstasy pill, Tony confronts Sid and Michelle (who are now in a full-blown sexual relationship) expressing his sarcasm at how happy he is for them. Shortly after this he begins to react badly to the drugs and has a panic attack in the toilets. A mysterious girl approaches him and reveals details about Tony's life despite her being a stranger. On the train ride up to a university open day - Tony is approached by a horrifically burned man who has large scars on his face. The man tells Tony the story of how he came to be disfigured. Later on Tony attends an open day at a university where he attends a group interview with the same (now unscathed) man he met on the train.

The mysterious girl is also at the meeting and verbally attacks the head of the university. After being ejected from the interview, Tony and the girl embark on various misdemeanors throughout the course of the day. It slowly becomes apparent to the viewer that the girl may be a figment of Tony's imagination - for example after the girl encourages (and successfully teaches) Tony how to swim, he is found alone in the pool. However when interrogated about why he was in the pool, and Tony tries to explain about the girl, he is instructed "don't go with her."

Later on Tony meets two promiscuous flatmates with the girl, who give the girl a tattoo. Later on Tony and the girl consummate, and Tony regains his sexual libido. At the end of the episode, Tony is shown to have regained the majority of his intelligence and confidence. He then goes to tell Sid and Michelle that he loves them both and announces his disapproval of their sexual relationship. In its closing scenes, the tattoo that the girl had marked on her back is seen on Tony's, the implication being that the girl had been a creation of Tony's subconscious, ergo the manifestation of his 'animus' or 'inner nature'.

Music Featured in "Tony"[1]

Note: The music tracks listed below only refer to the music featured in the episode's initial airing. Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 2.

The Good, The Bad and The Queen - Greenfields
Wobly Tech - Supreme Idiot Techno Mayhem / Pipe Down, Perkins / One for the Slags, Two for the Wags
Yomanda - Sunshine
Amen Uk - Passion
Fat Segal - Me Gut
Buraka Som Sistema - Yah
Depeche Mode - I Feel You
Fat Segal - Untitled

The Brother Kite - Get on, Me
Vampire Weekend - Walcott
The Good, The Bad and The Queen - Untitled
Broadcast - Valerie
The Good, The Bad and The Queen - Greenfields
7HZ- fup Fup
Holy Fuck - K Rhythm Pt 1
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Jollity Farm
DJ Vadim - Sufferin Blues
Bonobo - Ketto
The Good, The Bad and The Queen - The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Sparklehorse - Sad, beautiful world
Holy Fuck - K Rhythm Part 2
Lambchop - Is a woman
Ramones - Oh, oh i love her so


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