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The Dare Program Essays

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program Essay

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The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program known as D.A.R.E has become a very widespread and popular program throughout the United States. The program appeals to all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic lines, which is a large part of the reason why the DARE program has grown exponentially. The program’s basic premise was meant to introduce kids to the danger of drugs, before the drugs got to them. The implementation of the DARE program appeared to be what America needed to begin to put a dent in the war on drugs.
Trained uniformed officers who introduce the program to 5th and 6th graders teach the program. The officers inform them about the dangers of all drugs from Tylenol to heroine. The program develops rapport between officers…show more content…

So the program was a failure when it came to drug prevention. This in turn brought about a new DARE program with a slightly altered curriculum, which claimed to be new and improved. However, this new program received about the same evaluation of the old program. Researchers said that the new DARE program was just a ploy to distract the public away from their previously received criticism. A second study was prompted after the alterations to the program but was never published due to the near identical results of the first study. Politics coupled with no alternative prevention programs appears to be allowing for the faulty DARE program to continue.
The positive aspects of DARE such as the improved attitude with police, and stronger social skills are great. However, this is not why the DARE program was created. It was created to educate 5th and 6th graders about the dangers of taking drugs, which was believed to stay with them their entire life. This is not the case though. The program isn’t ever going to have the success it believes it has or should have until they take into account we are all individuals. Each child needs to be looked at individually to assess his/her risk and do its best to reduce it. The DARE officers do not investigate the majority of factors that put adolescents at risk for alcohol and drug abuse today. For example, loss of loved one(s), high levels of stress, problems in relationships with parents, coming

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A graduation ceremony at Runnels Elementary School’s Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre on Jan. 24 capped off fifth-graders’ participation in the 18-week DARE program.

The master of ceremonies was the students’ DARE instructor, Capt. Randy Aguillard, of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office. Head of School Marcia Mackay and elementary social studies teacher Cheyenne Davis assisted Aguillard throughout the ceremony.

Dylan Evans, Sarah Ortlieb and Lina Derzi were honored as the DARE essay winners and read their prize-winning essays about what they learned from the program. The three also received special pins, certificates of achievement and a handshake from Aguillard. Lina was the overall essay winner and received a DARE medal.

Every fifth-grader received a DARE T-shirt, workbook and gift bag at the end of the ceremony.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, according to its website, is designed to “help empower students in their decisions to live lives free from substance abuse, violence and other dangerous behaviors.”

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