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Mother Teresa Research Papers

The impact of Mother Teresa’s work has no religious or geographical boundaries. In the four parts of this text, we try to understand this phenomenon. We first present the method used to collect the available information and then discuss a few biographical considerations to clarify her mission and the media’s contribution to her popularity. The third part identifies four stumbling blocks on her way to canonization: her rather dogmatic religious views, her way of caring for the sick, her political choices, and her suspicious management of funds that she received. Fourth, we discuss some elements of her life related to beatification, including her “night of faith,” the exorcism to which she was subjected as well as the validity of the miracle attributed to her. In conclusion, we question why the criticism of which she has been the target has been ignored by the Vatican.

L’impact de l’œuvre de Mère Teresa n’a pas de frontières géographiques ni religieuses. Dans les quatre parties de ce texte, nous tentons de comprendre ce phénomène. Nous présentons d’abord la méthode utilisée pour colliger les informations disponibles, puis nous évoquons quelques repères biographiques qui permettent de comprendre sa mission et la contribution des médias à sa popularité. La troisième partie identifie quatre pierres d’achoppement sur le chemin de sa canonisation : son opinion religieuse plutôt dogmatique, sa manière de soigner les malades, ses choix politiques et sa gestion douteuse des montants d’argent qu’elle a reçus. Quatrièmement, nous abordons quelques éléments de sa vie relatifs à sa béatification, dont sa « nuit de la foi », l’exorcisme dont elle a été l’objet ainsi que la validité du miracle qui lui a été attribué. En conclusion, nous nous interrogeons sur les raisons pour lesquelles les critiques dont elle fait l’objet ont été ignorées par le Vatican.

Mother Teresa's Leadership And Legacy

Mother Teresa has been a legendary figure when it comes to peace and leadership. In these times of religious intolerance, turmoil and violence reported all over the world. Mother Teresa remains an unbeatable and motherly figure with her legacy and leadership qualities, who in her lifetime didn’t care at all about boundaries, religion, class or caste. She only rendered her godly services to the people in need. Mother Teresa – who is often called as the Saint of the poor and needy people was born as Agnes in the year 1910 in Macedonia. At the age of 18, she joined a convent with only one intention in her mind to serve the people. She has been personified as God by those who have received Mother Teresa’s love, care and affection. While, in Calcutta, she was appalled by the poor living conditions of the slums of Calcutta. She promptly left the convent to serve those ailing people living in those slums. Initially, she had no support, money but only love for people. Mother Teresa became associated with the Loreto community in Calcutta- a group/community of nuns, who did charitable work and ran a girl’s school. Mother Teresa joined the Loreto school and worked there as a teacher for 17 years eventually becoming the principal of the school. The school in which she worked catered the children from the wealthy families and Mother Teresa wanted to help and work for the poor. Hence, she decided to leave the convent, and she was granted the permission to leave the same by Pope Pius XII in the year 1948. She went to the slums to stay and changed her lifestyle and attire and became one of those people. Mother Teresa only believed in one thing- Serve the needy and poor people with love and expect nothing in return. She always believed doing small things with love instead of doing big things.

Mother Teresa established the Missionaries of Charity- a home for the needy. And she along with her associates continued their charitable works not only in Calcutta or India but also across the world outside India. Mother Teresa left such a legacy of which one should be proud of, and she has set an exemplary example of leadership so much so that she was awarded the Nobel Prize. Mother Teresa died of a heart attack on September 5; 1997 in Calcutta leaving behind her associates who vowed that they will continue all the good charitable works to continue the legacy and leadership set up by her.

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