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Debdeep Jena Phd Dissertation Proposal Format

About the cover

This week's issue presents four papers from the Juno mission to Jupiter. Alberto Adriani and his colleagues report visible and infrared observations of Jupiter's polar regions, finding that distinct cyclones appear at both poles. The cover image, derived from Juno's JIRAM instrument, shows the central cyclone at the planet's north pole and the eight cyclones that encircle it. The colours represent radiant heat: the yellow (thinner) clouds are about −13 °C in brightness temperature, and the dark red (thickest) are around −83 °C. In a second paper, Luciano Iess and his colleagues used Doppler data to study Jupiter's gravitational field, revealing a north-south asymmetry arising from atmospheric flows. In the third paper, Yohai Kaspi and his colleagues analyse the uneven gravitational harmonics to show that atmospheric jet streams extend some 3,000 kilometres below cloud level, concluding that the mass of Jupiter's dynamical atmosphere is about 1% of Jupiter's total mass. And in the fourth paper, Tristan Guillot and his co-workers show that below the depth of 3,000 kilometres, Jupiter is rotating as a solid body. Cover image: NASA/SWRI/JPL/ASI/INAF/IAPS


Debdeep Jena received the B. Tech. degree with a major in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in 1998, and the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2003. His research and teaching interests are in the MBE growth and device applications of quantum semiconductorheterostructures (currently III-V nitride semiconductors), investigation of charge transport in nanostructured semiconducting materials such as graphene, nanowires and nanocrystals, and their device applications, and in the theory of charge, heat, and spin transport in nanomaterials. He is the author on several journal publications, including articles in Science, Physical Review Letters, and Electron Device Letters among others. He has received two best student paper awards in 2000 and 2002 for his Ph.D. dissertation research, the NSF CAREER award in 2007, and the Joyce award for excellence in undergraduate teaching in 2010.

Selected Publications

  • Song, B., M. Zhu, Z. Hu, M. Qi, K. Nomoto, X. Yan, Y. Cao, D. Jena, H G Xing. 2016."Ultralow-Leakage AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors on Si With Non-Alloyed Regrown Ohmic Contacts."IEEE Electron Device Letters37(1): 16-19.
  • Qi, M., G. Li, V. Protasenko, P. Zhao, J. Verma, B. Song, S. Ganguly, M. Zhu, Z. Hu, X. Yan, A. Mintairov, H G. Xing, D Jena. 2015."Dual Optical Marker Raman Characterization of Strained GaN-channels on AlN Using AlN/GaN/AlN Quantum Wells and 15N Isotopes."Applied Physics Letters106: 041906.
  • Jena, D., K. Banerjee, G H Xing. 2014."2D CRYSTAL SEMICONDUCTORS Intimate contacts."NATURE MATERIALS13(12): 1076-1078.
  • Vishwanath, S., X. Liu, S. Rouvimov, P C. Mende, A. Azcatl, S. McDonnell, R M. Wallace, R M. Feenstra, J K. Furdyna, D. Jena, H G Xing. 2014."Molecular beam epitaxial growth of MoSe2 on graphite, CaF2 and graphene.".
  • Fathipour, S., N. Ma, W S. Hwang, V. Protasenko, S. Vishwanath, H G. Xing, H. Xu, D. Jena, J. Appenzeller, A Seabaugh. 2014."Exfoliated multilayer MoTe2 field-effect transistors."Applied Physics Letters105(19): 192101-192101.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Most Valuable Contribution(Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices)2014
  • Advisor of PhD student Faiza Faria(Winner of poster award for ICNS 2013)2013
  • IBM Faculty award2012
  • Young Scientist Award(International Symposium of Compound Semiconductors)2012
  • Joyce award for excellence in undergraduate teaching2010



  • BS(Electrical Engineering),Indian Institute of Technology,1998
  • Ph D(Electrical and Computer Engineering),University of California,2003

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