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Courbet Essay

Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes

Description: The Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (JWCI) is intended as an interdisciplinary forum for scholars specialising in art history, the history of ideas, and cultural history. It publishes articles based on new research, normally from primary sources. Topics include the arts in their various forms, religion, philosophy, science, literature and magic, as well as intellectual, political and social life, from Antiquity to the dawn of the contemporary era. Usually the subjects discussed either centre on or have some connection with Western, typically European cultures; therefore, too, the JWCI provides a home for research into the many interconnections between those cultures and others which have flourished beyond European borders - particularly, but by no means limited to, the cultures and learning of the Near East. Still produced in-house at the Warburg Institute, the JWCI relies on Editorial and Advisory Board members drawn from both the Warburg and the Courtauld Institute of Art, and on our two institutions’ extensive scholarly libraries, research facilities and international links and networks.

Coverage: 1939-2014 (Vol. 3, No. 1/2 - Vol. 77)

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ISSN: 00754390

Subjects: History, History, Art & Art History, Philosophy, Humanities, Arts

Collections: Arts & Sciences III Collection, JSTOR Essential Collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

See works of art

  • 40.175

  • 29.100.130

  • 1995.537

  • 29.100.59

  • 19.84

  • 33.77

  • 29.100.61

  • 1999.251

  • 29.100.58

  • 29.100.122

  • 29.100.63

  • 29.100.57

  • 29.100.62

  • 29.100.566

  • 29.160.35


Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


Young Ladies of the Village


Madame Auguste Cuoq (Mathilde Desportes, 1827–1910)


View of Ornans


Woman in a Riding Habit (L'Amazone)


Louis Gueymard (1822-1880) as Robert le Diable


Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare


After the Hunt


Young Communards in Prison (Les Fédérés à la Conciergerie)


The Source


The Source of the Loue


Jo, La Belle Irlandaise


Woman with a Parrot


The Woman in the Waves


The Calm Sea


Marine: The Waterspout


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