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Business Law Term Paper Topics

25 Examples Of Great Business Law Essay Topics

Deciding on a business law essay topic to write on can be a bit mind-numbing, especially if you can dredge up only a few in your mind and someone else is already working on those. Tarry not, for there is still a topic out there that is made to match with you.

25 Examples of Business Law Essay Topics

  1. Abercrombie and the class-action racial discrimination suit.
  2. Age discrimination in the workplace, which targets the seniors.
  3. Collective Bargaining Agreement and the challenges in the process of implementing it.
  4. Construction industry hazards and the government’s solution for the rapidly increasing numbers of injuries and fatalities.
  5. Fall protection in the construction industry – the progress through the ages.
  6. Paternity leave; why and how the US can benefit from its universal implementation.
  7. Workplace discrimination on the basis of unhealthy habits, such as smoking.
  8. Leading by example – how businesses avoid disastrous lawsuits by having strong and encouraging leaders.
  9. Non-Disclosure Agreements and how they protect businesses in the short and long run.
  10. Trade Secrets – how to keep your enemies close and your employees closer so that they don’t turn into market rivals.
  11. Duress and unwarranted influence when signing a contract, and how to avoid it.
  12. The beneficial aspects of exclusion from anti-trust laws.
  13. Sexual Harassment Suits and how to avoid them for certain.
  14. The perks and pitfalls of the affirmative action programs.
  15. Trademark infringement; a defense plan for the offender.
  16. A look at the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
  17. Whistleblower laws and their impact on specific cases.
  18. Lawyer Defection – How to improve your companies corporate culture with the aid of the lawyer.
  19. Proprietary versus Contract Security – a weighing in of the strengths and weaknesses of the two.
  20. Product Liability and the ocean of ethical and legal issues.
  21. What is the best approach for protecting authors and their work; pen names or legal names?
  22. How to avoid patents and copyrights when attempting to replicate a rival product in the market?
  23. Whom does the copyright law protect more; a singer signed to a label company or the independent artist?
  24. Differentiating between the business law in capitalist and communist states.
  25. If the death penalty was introduced for corporate crimes; a comparison of prior cases and the extent of the damage incurred.

Use the above ideas to craft a great business law essay. No doubt, you will impress your professor with one of these unique topics.

Business Law Term Paper Topics

To many students a term paper over business law may seem like an incredibly boring assignment. In reality there are plenty of topics to be covered and discussed through business law. Depending on the student a business law term paper could potentially shed light on some new idea or ventures. This topic includes the creation of a company, business or corporations. Other topics of business law include relationships between companies and insurance regulations. Since this topic is the combination of both law and business it should be incredibly easy for a student to create a paper about this subject.

Paper Topic Options For Creation

You could focus on different procedures that cause a business to operate effectively. This can include how companies deal with accidents and other incidents on the work place. These incidents may include slip and falls at the workplace. Focusing on this topic can help further examine the different processes that are used to handle situations in the workplace. Another topic is how employees and other members of a business are taken care of. This can be an extremely diverse and eye opening topic to discuss. For students that are interested in the laws effects on business, this topic would be incredibly fulfilling experience.

Other Topic Options For Term Papers

Some other topics like free speech could really showcase both the effects of law and business within the term paper. You could also talk about software, audio, and visual mp3 piracy and the influences it has on how business make money. Discrimination at the workplace can also be another topic that a student can write about. This topic can lead a student to many different possibilities. Affirmative Action is a favorite topic of this type of paper. There are many court cases that will lend plenty of information to a writer.

At first glance a paper like this may seem incredibly boring or lackluster to a student. However if you do enough research over the topic you may be surprised to see how many option are available to you. These topics can focus on the business side of law, like how courts charge money for services. You could even talk about the effects of litigation on business and their ethical practices. It is important for you to give yourself a deadline to finish the paper, or you may find that it is a never ending process.

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