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Reassignment Memo For Employee

Memo - Changing Responsibilities

To: [Employee]

From: [Manager]

Subject: Change in Job Expectations

Date: [Date]

[First name], I've decided to make changes in our department to support the company's new goals of [name goals]. You have always been an outstanding contributor, and I am confident that you can take on the new responsibilities outlined in the attached job profile. In particular, your work on [list critical new responsibility] will be especially important. [State benefits to the company and benefits to the employee for taking on new work.]

The profile focuses primarily on what is needed and not necessarily on how to accomplish the work. You should keep that in mind when reviewing it, and feel free to suggest different ways of accomplishing the key goals. Let's set up a meeting on [date] to discuss your work and finalize these changes.

cc: [Manager's manager
Manager in related areas]

attachment: [Job Profile]

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