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Case Study Questions And Answers In Business Studies Class 12

Dear students

You already know that as per new pattern , questions based on case study can be asked in exam .These type of questions are introduced  to check students ability to understand and apply his/her knowledge to given situation .

  • Do not fear the questions based on case study.  If you are well prepared and have through understanding of chapter, those questions will not be difficult
  • Case study questions are lengthy but answers to them are generally short.
  • Read Case study carefully, do not jump to conclusion without reading entire case study
  • Before reading case study, read the question given under it. It will save your precious time of reading long case study again and again.
  • Practice Case study questions from sample papers and previous year papers

Example of case study question (question 20 From CBSE Sample paper -2016)

Q20  Joseph Bros. was a firm manufacturing jute lamp shades. It uses left over jute pieces from various jute factories to manufacture economical lamp shades which are supplied to various hotels in nearby towns. It employs men and women from nearby villages as workers for creating good lamp shade designs.Joseph Bros., is not able to meet its targets. Namish, the supervisor of the company, was told to analyse the reasons for the poor performance. Namish found following problems and suggested certain solutions in the working of the business. The number of workers employed was less than what was required for the work. As a result, the existing workers were overburdened. The firm decided to search for new workers and it asked the present employees to introduce candidates or recommend their friends and relatives to the firm. This enabled the firm in "putting people to jobs" and assured attainment of objectives according to plans.

a) Identify the functions of management being performed by the firm in the above situation.

b) Name the concept and its source used by the firm to attract more workers for the firm.

c) State any two values being followed by Jacob Bros. (4 Marks )


(a) Staffing and Controlling

(b) Recruitment, External Source of Recruitment (Recommendations of employees)

Values being followed by Joseph Bros. :(any other suitable value.)

(i) Creating employment opportunities.

(ii) Utilizing resources efficiently by using leftover clothes.

Case Studies – (Chapter -1) Nature and Significance of Management


Q. 1. Dheerj is working as ‘Operations Manager’ in Tifco Ltd. Name the managerial level at which he is working.  State any four functions he will perform as ‘Operations Manager’ in this company.                                                                                                    (5 marks)

Ans. Dheeraj is working at middle level management.

Functions: The main task of Dheeraj is to carry out the plans formulated by the top managers.  For this he need to:

  1. Interest the policies framed by top management,
  2. Ensure that his department has the necessary personnel, assign necessary duties and responsibilities to them.
  3. Motivate them for higher productivity to achieve desired objectives, and
  4. Cooperate with other departments for smooth functioning of the organization.

Q. 2. Volvo Ltd’s target is to produce 10000 shirts per month at a cost of Rs. 100/- per shirt.  The Production Manager achieved this target at a cost of Rs. 90/- per shirt.  Do you think the ‘Production Manager’ is effective?  Give one reason in support of your answer.  (1 mark)

Ans. Yes,  the Prodcution Manager is effective because he has completed the task and achieved the goal of producing 10000 shirts.  He is efficient also as he has achieved the target at a lower cost.

Q. 3. Yash Ltd. is facing a lot of problems these days.  It manufactures electronic goods like washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigeration and air-conditioners.  The company’s margins are under pressure and the profits and market marketing department blames production department for producing goods, which are not of good quality to meet customers’ expectations.  The finance department blames both production and marketing departments for declining return on investment and bad marketing.

  1. What quality of management do you think the company is lacking?  Justify your answer.
  2. State the importance of the concept identified in (a).                                                                                     (5 marks)


  1. Coordination: because production, marketing and finance departmental efforts are not coordinated for achieving organizational objectives harmoniously.  As a result, the company’s profits and market share are declining.
  2. Importance of Coordination
  1. Growth in size:
  2. Functional differentiation:
  3. Specialization:

Q. 4. Aman, Ahmad and Ally are partners in a firm engaged in the distribution of dairy products in Maharashtra state.  Aman is a holder of Senior Secondary School Certificate from Central Board of Secondary Education with Business Studies as one of his elective subjects.  Ahmad had done his post graduation in History and Ally in dairy farming.  One day there was a serious discussion between Ahmad and Ally regarding the nature of management.  Ahmad argued that management was a profession whereas Ally argued against it saying that the legal and medical professions are the only professions because they fulfill all the conditions of profession.

Aman on the basis of his knowledge of business studies explained the nature of management as a profession to Ahmad and Ally.

Explain, how Aman would have satisfied both Ahmad and Ally.                               (6 marks)

Ans. Aman would have satisfied both Ahmad and Ally by giving the following explanation:

Management is a profession.  However, it is not a full-fledged profession like legal, accounting or medical professions because it does not meet the exact criteria of a profession.

The application of the features of a profession to management is examined below:

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